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Discover the French Riviera in september / october

For those who like to discover this wonderful region, the months of September and October are, from my point of view, really the best months.

So, some have professional and family obligations, school resumes. But for all those who have the possibility to take a vacation, I really recommend this period to discover the French Riviera.

  • Mild climate

September and October can have surprising days. Without reaching the heat wave which is relatively annoying when you want to visit a region, the summer wardrobe can be extended during this period.

Of course, this is a generality. Even though we all dream of the perfect vacation, the weather is unpredictable.

Temperatures can range between 77 and 86 fahrenheit and it's often sunny.

It's quite usual to have lunch at the terrace restaurant during this period, and also enjoy a few warm evenings (with a little jacket anyway!)

It is an ideal weather if you enjoy guided tours, discovering villages, hiking trails (they are quite a lot in the region).

  • Avoid the crowd

It's no secret that the south of France attracts huge crowds during July / August. Take advantage of the benefits of coming right after.

The circulation is more fluid. This is a very important point because it can be very difficult to get around in summer. A lot of time is wasted in traffic jams and parking spaces are scarce. Even if you appreciate taking your time on vacation, wasting your time is not an advantage either.

You will also have plenty of time to explore the tourist sites, stroll without being constantly disturbed by the flow of visitors. You can even take beautiful photos without intrusive in the background! If you do tours, the guides will be more available and attentive as the group will be reduced.

It is also not uncommon for excursions to be full in summer. Your choice will be easier during this late season.

In the same vein, travel encounters are more authentic in September and October. I have wonderful memories where we have met travelers and with whom we are still in contact. When you are relaxed, conversations are easier, including with the locals.

  • Take care of your budget and reservations

Prices drop from September. Many hotels also offer very attractive offers with discounts or free nights. A great opportunity to obtain good rates, or to offer yourself a room in a beautiful hotel!

You will also have a wider choice, especially if you book at the last minute (accommodation in summer is often full).

It will also be easier to have a table in the restaurant of your choice.

Prices also sometimes change in tourist sites.

Your travel planner can easily help you get the best deals.

  • Enjoy the smells and colors

The French Riviera and the south have been praised by painters for the special luminosity that emanated from the region.

In summer, the light is intense and the sunsets are exceptional.

In autumn, the light is soft and changes the colors of the sky, the facades, the sea.

If you have an artistic soul, this period is really conducive to creation. The sunrise is splendid, and the reflections on the water are incomparable.

Also enjoy the sweet smell of seasonal fruits, the scent of the harvest, and savor the latest melons, tomatoes, peaches, honey and chestnuts, and other delicious scents.

The markets, the wineries, the gardens will offer you all these fragrant and tasty wonders!

  • Attend the fall events

So many big events take place during the fall!

Les Voiles de Saint Tropez: splendid regattas that bring together modern and traditional sailboats. The atmosphere of the port changes by welcoming these rigs and the sailors put on a show!

For those who love sport, don't miss the Roc d'Azur in Fréjus and the Natureman in the Gorges du Verdon.

For gourmets, the chestnut festivals in Collobrières, the honey festival in Arcs sur Argens

And for music lovers, the Fiesta des Suds festival in Marseille or the Cassis Jazz Festival!

Of course, this year, all these events are to be confirmed with the organizer.

So, are you convinced?


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