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Foodie tours

While travelling to France, you will certainly enjoy a foodie tour ! From goat cheese and olive oil to gourmet restaurants, from croissants and pains au chocolat at breakfast to macarons and madeleines for tea time, you will be delighted by what France can offer you !

Tasting or baking ?

What does your foodie tour look like ? Enjoy a tasting on markets or in small shops. Or... experience a cooking lesson with an english-speaking chef. Learn about French Cuisine and share it with your friends when you come home !

Wine tours

With 375 AOC (Appellation d'Origine Controlée) in France, the choice is yours ! Enjoy wine tours in France for a luxury experience. Champagne lovers, Bordeaux amateurs or rosé passion, every region in France has a wine to offer. Your trip will be full of encounters, share of knowledge and tastings.

A luxury experience

For just 3 days or for a longer stay, I will dedicate all my expertise to create your perfect trip. Add a gastronomic dinner, a night in a beautiful 5 stars hotel, a spa relaxation to make it complete.

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